Tuesday, 24 February 2009

This weeks ICT task has not been my favourite, I have to say I didn't find it to be the usual fun, creative challenge that I have been used to. I don't feel that only having an hour to carry out this particular task was long enough to get the best out of it. After Miles' lecture I had felt quite excited about the task and creating a 'virtual tour', but the time allocated only really was enough to make links from the uni map to pictures and sounds found on the web. I feel that maybe spending two seminars on the task to allow, one hour for collecting photos, videos etc and another hour for putting it all together would have been more worthwhile and interesting for me. I like to know the processes involved in ICT and how to put everything together in the end but it is so much more exciting when you are using your own data. I do however, like the idea of the multimedia map to use in school for the whole school, or for my own individual class. I think it is a lovely way for people to view an area and to make a map personalised by the children. Also as Reuben said a great thing to use on a school trip, children love to record findings in another way other than writing so this technology is perfect!


  1. I agree Em, i didn't expect the task to be so simple. After the lecture i assumed that we would be doing things with GPRS! I think knowing how to do the links has been useful, however more so for us than the children. But i do like the idea of making a map after a field trip!!

  2. I agree, it has been an interesting 'journey'! Inclusion of the diffferent forms of technology and programs has been eye-opening and interesting. Bring on the blogs!