Sunday, 15 March 2009

This weeks FLOWOL task was probably the hardest task I think we have been set. I have seen FLOWOL used in school in a year 5 class and they used the traffic light programme, at the time it all looked a bit confusing but the children seemed to get on with it really well. Initially due to my previous knowledge I felt the task would be easy but as soon as I started to try and work out the big wheel I realised that it was definitely harder than I had thought! Lots of the input parts did not seem to match what you could do with the software, but I do realise that reading the FLOWOL manual would have helped! For me it is more important to understand how to work the software even at the most basic level rather than not being able to understand it at all. Therefore, I decided to work on the mobile and made up three basic command circuits; one controlled the whole mobile movement, one controlled the individual toy movements and the final command circuit controlled the lights. I completely understood how to work this part of the software and would be able to explain to children how to use it, so I feel I have achieved my goal.

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