Tuesday, 17 February 2009

This week I was a quite excited about carrying out the podcast task, I find the more ICT tasks I manage to complete the more confident I have now become so I was looking forward to the challenge! I thought the explanation of a (personal on demand) podcast was great (I will definitely be using that website for more explanations no doubt!) and seeing it used in school by the children was amazing! Today I have loved making my own podcast using podium was straight forward and simple, putting music and dialogue on the recording was great fun. I have really enjoyed every task we have been set and undoubtedly want to use everything I have learnt in school with the children. All these tasks have been getting me thinking about just how I could use some of these technologies when I have my own class. I now have ideas about a class blog and using podcasting and animation for assessment I can't wait! I just hope I remember this enthusiasum in 18 months time!!!

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