Sunday, 15 March 2009

This weeks FLOWOL task was probably the hardest task I think we have been set. I have seen FLOWOL used in school in a year 5 class and they used the traffic light programme, at the time it all looked a bit confusing but the children seemed to get on with it really well. Initially due to my previous knowledge I felt the task would be easy but as soon as I started to try and work out the big wheel I realised that it was definitely harder than I had thought! Lots of the input parts did not seem to match what you could do with the software, but I do realise that reading the FLOWOL manual would have helped! For me it is more important to understand how to work the software even at the most basic level rather than not being able to understand it at all. Therefore, I decided to work on the mobile and made up three basic command circuits; one controlled the whole mobile movement, one controlled the individual toy movements and the final command circuit controlled the lights. I completely understood how to work this part of the software and would be able to explain to children how to use it, so I feel I have achieved my goal.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

This weeks ICT task has not been my favourite, I have to say I didn't find it to be the usual fun, creative challenge that I have been used to. I don't feel that only having an hour to carry out this particular task was long enough to get the best out of it. After Miles' lecture I had felt quite excited about the task and creating a 'virtual tour', but the time allocated only really was enough to make links from the uni map to pictures and sounds found on the web. I feel that maybe spending two seminars on the task to allow, one hour for collecting photos, videos etc and another hour for putting it all together would have been more worthwhile and interesting for me. I like to know the processes involved in ICT and how to put everything together in the end but it is so much more exciting when you are using your own data. I do however, like the idea of the multimedia map to use in school for the whole school, or for my own individual class. I think it is a lovely way for people to view an area and to make a map personalised by the children. Also as Reuben said a great thing to use on a school trip, children love to record findings in another way other than writing so this technology is perfect!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

This week I was a quite excited about carrying out the podcast task, I find the more ICT tasks I manage to complete the more confident I have now become so I was looking forward to the challenge! I thought the explanation of a (personal on demand) podcast was great (I will definitely be using that website for more explanations no doubt!) and seeing it used in school by the children was amazing! Today I have loved making my own podcast using podium was straight forward and simple, putting music and dialogue on the recording was great fun. I have really enjoyed every task we have been set and undoubtedly want to use everything I have learnt in school with the children. All these tasks have been getting me thinking about just how I could use some of these technologies when I have my own class. I now have ideas about a class blog and using podcasting and animation for assessment I can't wait! I just hope I remember this enthusiasum in 18 months time!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Today we used the 'Super super music looper!' I did enjoy doing it and the software seems like something I would definitely love to use in the classroom, I think its very child friendly with the paint button and very visual aids. And to be honest if I can use it the children will certainly be able to use it! It would have been nice however, to have had a purpose to making the music maybe for an advert, or a jingle or something for a music video. I think it is good to have a focus and if I were to use this in the classroom I would set the scene and give a focus to the children. All in all I think this was a great introduction into the combined use of music and ICT.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Fun lecture today, love a bit of group singing!! As Rob outlined a lot of people are apprehensive about teaching ICT and music, especially together. I am usually one of those people, I love having a go on an instrument or providing opportunities for children to do the same but the thought of being in charge of a play or musical is terrifying! However, seeing what a laugh it was to sing as a year group was great, and has made me think why not! Obviously help and guidance would be needed but I have decided what an exciting target to be set for year four practice. I have previously been the person behind the scenes and helped with the costumes but would love to get a bit more hands on. I'm hoping this weeks task of creating some music using ICT will build my confidence in both subjects and also my knowledge.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thinking about Rob's lecture this week I completely agree that we must keep a positive attitude towards ICT. As he outlined there are so many ways that ICT saves us time especially being student teachers, I know my planning is much quicker and being able to redraft as many times as I like is also a real bonus. Finding a million resources has also never been easier. I do feel lucky to have such information at my finger tips but as the technology steps up so must we. As many of our leturers say they never had these opportunities when they were learning to teach, but I do think that the thing that scares me at least, is keeping up with all the new technologies and making sure I am fluent enough in it to really give the children the teaching they deserve. But at the end of the day, all I can do is my best and that is all anyone can do. Positive thinking!
Animation is now finished thanks to the technical skills of Reuben! Carrying out this animation task has shown me just how difficult and time consuming it must be for professional animators to create some of the masterpieces they have come up with. Before this I suppose I just watched them without really thinking about the work that goes into them, now I know!! However, I do agree with the university lecturers about how simple it is to create an animation using a digital blue but the quality just isn't there. Obviously like all other technologies in a few years the simple cameras used in school will be amazingly good quality but for now we definitely found our own equipment better to produce the results wanted.